About Us

All About Slugs exists for a single purpose: to help gardeners and homeowners like you to learn about and control slugs and snails.

Are slugs munching your marigolds, swallowing your strawberries, devouring your daffodils or crunching your carrots? Have snails invaded your yard, garden or even come inside your home? Do you want to stop slugs or snails from eating your carefully tended garden? How about getting them out of your potted parsley — or keeping them from sliming their way across your dog’s food dish?

At All About Slugs, we focus on providing you the solutions you need to stop these pesky pests.

Maybe you just want to lean more to learn more about these fascinating creatures? Discover their unique habits, anatomy and life cycles. The more we’ve learned about slugs and snails the more interesting they’ve become. A serious pest in the garden they are also surprising, charming and even cute!


Why All About Slugs?

We love gardening and believe spending time in the yard or garden is beneficial for everyone – you, me, children, family, friends, animals and the earth. Sharing our knowledge is the best way we know to help you enjoy a beautiful, thriving yard or garden.

Like we said, we’re really all about solutions — real, tested solutions to a real problem.

The Internet is full of bad advice, as you probably know. People make dubious claims and offer untested solutions. A search for information on controlling slugs and snails often leads to sites written by people who know little about writing and even less about slugs, gardening or being helpful. This just isn’t right!

To get a handle on your slug problem, you need reliable, factual information and tested solutions that really work. Our team has years of gardening experience and lots of practice in dealing with these pests. We’re constantly working to provide you with the answers you need.

Collin, our resident Master Gardener, has spent the last 40 years gardening in Oregon’s Willamette Valley. The mild, maritime climate and long, rainy winters have created the perfect conditions for slugs and snails to multiply and thrive. It was Collin’s search for a source of reliable solutions that led to the creation of this resource.

He’s not the only one who contributes to this site though.

The beautiful and talented Kim specializes in annual and perennial flowers. She is also our office manager par excellence. Bryn, James and Geri contribute their brilliant writing skills. June and Tammy serve as our correspondents (and laborers!) in the field. Jeff acts as our IT adviser and all around uber-geek, and the resourceful Kevin is our handyman, fabricator and bootstrap engineer.

 All of us have day jobs — believe it or not there’s just not much money in slug information, — but we’re all absolutely committed to making All About Slugs your first and best stop for slug control information.