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Man dared to eat slugs gets rat lungworm parasite

A 21-year-old Australian will likely be more cautious after accepting a dare to swallow garden slugs infested with rat lungworms and spending a month in intensive care.

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Blimey! Fiery Latin Slugs invade from the Iberian Peninsula.

They’re the slimy invaders that attack our vegetable patches and play havoc with our best begonias, leaving a glistening trail of destruction behind them. Slugs have been a blight on British gardens for decades.

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 Giant Slugs are Artful in Angers

Beautiful giant slugs made of recycled plastic bags in this historic British town.

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Recycled bags make beautiful slug art








Platinum + Baby Snails = Slugs?

Surprising experiment turns baby snails into slugs, reveals evolutionary trick.

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Time to Slug-off

Garden slugs can be very annoying at this time of year. With the recent rains we’ve had, armies of slugs are busy at work devouring certain vegetation in the garden. Where there is one slug, there are usually a lot more — about 200 more.

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